#Spohntrained High Performance Coaching
You don't need a "life coach". You just need some new mental strategies.

"Highly recommend Nicholas! His coaching has helped me quickly change my state, refocus my energy and reach some deep breakthroughs through his highly effective techniques. I love how he looks at life as a huge opportunity - super inspiring. I'm grateful for his coaching and even more so for his friendship - I know he truly cares and that makes the world of a difference! Thank you Nicholas!! #spohntrained"
-Caroline (NY)

Coaching With Nicholas Spohn Includes
 Goal Setting and Planning
 State Management
 Success Rituals 
 Masculine and Feminine
 Overcome Phobias
 Performance Psychology
 Breaking Old Patterns
 Public Speaking
 Hypnosis and NLP
 Anxiety and Depression
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Your subconscious mind gets programmed through "extreme emotional events" and repetition. Hypnosis with Nicholas Spohn works by accessing and rewriting the old emotional patterns that have have kept you stuck. Once we discover the pattern we can access different "parts" of you to create a new and empowering behavior. 

One session to change your life.

What people are saying about #Spohntrained Coaching

"I just had my second session with Spohn. This guy is the real deal. If you’re looking for real change in your life he’s the guy. He will help you access potential that you didn’t even know you existed. If you’re looking for real change in your life, don’t waste another second. Hit him up! I promise you won’t regret it. #SpohnTrained"
-Brock (IA)

"Nicholas Spohn is an amazing expert in NLP and hypnosis. He taught me to reframe some limiting beliefs and formerly poor language choices into positives. Amazing!"
-Jennifer (CO)

"Seeing what I have throughout my life, and only aligning myself with those that generate massive results in a short amount of time, I have to say I was so thoroughly impressed with you and your efficacy that I too would love to learn what it is that you do."
-Michael (TX)

"Thank you @Spohntrained for your words of wisdom the other night: my body language, the language I use to talk to myself, being focused and visualizing myself crossing the finish line feeling strong helped immensely! I PRed this half marathon without even trying!!! 1:47:10!!! I felt so strong the entire time and this is only fuel to crush my marathon in 2 weeks!!"
-Meghan (IL)

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