The 5 Keys Of Building Trust - Ft. Dominik Lipinski

Monday, March 20, 2023

Learn how this author develops the key to business relationships


Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Podcast, Nick is interviewing his peer and friend, Dominik Lipinski! Dominik is a coach, author, speaker.

Dominik is born and raised in Poland and now Chicago native. He and Nick met at one of Tony Robbins Events, Date with Destiny. They learned, through this, that they are ton alike.

Throughout the interview, Dominik gives us a deep dive into his personal development journey and how that has shaped his life. He talks about how he started his career in MLM as a man in his young 20’s and was good at it! However, he felt like something was missing.

He talks about how he then started truly investing in himself and how impactful that has been in his life. Books, personal development events, and coaches have shaped him into the Man he is now. Through this, he also talks about how he currently teaches people how to build trust with people. He talks about the importance of body language and how to listen to people, so they trust you.

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