Overcoming Bulimia With "Ego State Work" - Lisa Carnwith

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Learn how the "parts" of you work together to help or harm you


Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, Nick is interviewing a very special guest with an amazing story of overcoming huge obstacles in her life.

Lisa Carnwith, a Canada Native, starts out the interview by talking about when she was 22 years old and moved to London, by herself. This was a very different time (back in 1985) because cell phones didn’t exist and phone calls were really expensive. During this discovery period in her life, she ended up putting on about 25 pounds and then very quickly, losing it all, and then some.

She was able to do this because she had begun walking about 18-25 miles a day! Generally, we think of exercise as being a good thing, but for Lisa, it turned into a “fitness addiction.” Her family, who lived more than 3,000 miles away, came to visit her and to say they were a little shocked is an understatement. From here, one addiction leads to another, and Lisa began to struggle with bulimia.

This fitness addiction, as well as bulimia, lasted for a total of about 32 years in Lisa’s life. She talks us through in the podcast, how she was finally able to break free and the steps it took to finally get uncomfortable enough to want to make a change in her life.

Nick and Lisa also unpack the topic of ego states. Our ego states are the entire system of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that dictate how we interact with each other, so you can imagine what sort of an effect these had on Lisa as she was overcoming addiction.

For anyone who struggles with an addiction, or simply wants to be able to move through an obstacle, this is definitely the episode for you! We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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