Conquering Anxiety and Depression - Michelle Baca

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

"I was told by all medical experts, about my anxiety, depression and panic disorder that I would have to take these medications for life and it was not an option, I had an illness a disease, it could only be treated not cured... I attended UPW, and 2 weeks late I quit cold turkey, I had no withdrawal symptoms and I never went on them again."


Did you know that one in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drugs… Panic, anxiety, and depression are a HUGE part of our culture and continues to show up in our lives daily.

In this episode, my new friend Shelly Baca takes us through her experience with having anxiety, depression, and a panic disorder. She was told from a very young age that she was going to have to live with this diagnosis and there is nothing she could do about it except medicate herself.

This was not the answer she was looking for. However, the answer to her questions came in a unique way! Shelly takes us through how she attended one of Tony Robbins events, and it absolutely changed her life, in more ways than one! It has allowed her to think a new thought ever since.

Since UPW, Shelly has been able to come off all of her medications and hasn’t had a panic attack since! She takes us through the life-changing moments she had at Tony’s event, and since then that has transformed her business and her life! She also gives us the tools she now uses to manage her anxiety daily.

You are definitely not going to want to miss this one! Get ready to be transformed!

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