Total Sexy Health - Udo Erasmus

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Author of "Fats That Heal and Fats That Kill", shares his latest project and how change starts in our hearts. "All of you is inside of you, all of you cannot be anywhere else but inside of you. So, who the fuck are you?" - Udo Erasmus


Ever question what truly affects your health? Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, Udo Erasmus takes our hand and walks us down a road of internal awareness and peace, to the power of heartache and love for self and the world.

In this episode, Udo accentuates the ins and outs of everything health-related and what the starting point is to every healthy lifestyle. Born during the second world war and fleeing at two years old from the communists, Udo tells his story of how he came to be one of the leading figures on healthy oils and fats.

As health and nature go hand in hand, we learn about the power of oils, digestion nutrition, and probiotic fiber, to the gravity of greens, herbs, and spices.

Did you know that most of the molecules and healthy nutrients are damaged in the oils you may be consuming? Well, Udo spent years researching and speaking with other scientists on how to eliminate not 99% of the pesticides, but 100%. He not only created a new line of oils with health in mind rather than shelf life but totally reshaped and magnified healthy oils so they were available to all human beings and not just a select few.

As Udo says "health was invented by life in nature", we can continue to stay healthy in all areas of our lives if we continue to stay in alignment with an organic, conscious, and natural lifestyle.

You can learn more about Udo and his products on his website, I highly recommend his books as well, Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill, and The Book on Total Sexy Health.

Words from Udo Erasmus…
"The experience of the moment has everything to do with life. And when I am present to life, that’s where I feel rich."

"All of you is inside of you, all of you cannot be anywhere else but inside of you. So, who the fuck are you?"

"So it starts by tuning into what you already have because if you don’t know what you have, you don’t know what more you need."

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