Events by #Spohntrained


The flagship #Spohntrained program will have you rewiring your nervous system with 4 days of intensive learning and experiencing the deepest drivers of human behavior. Change your vibe, change your life.


Join the 7 day intensive hypnosis and nlp training geared towards total mastery over transformational coaching and subconscious programming.


Turn back the clock on your health and wellness with this 5 days cleanse. Through blood analysis, personalized diet and cleansing protocol you've never felt better.

Feral Man Camp

Sorry ladies, men only. A coming of age experience finding the heart of a lion within. Push through internal and external barriers to find more power, certainty and masculinity. Manhood is back in style.

Goal Setting Retreat

Start your year off right with the #Spohntrained goal setting retreat. Get crystal clear on where you are going, program it into your nervous system and leave with an exact road map to success.


Learn the secret beliefs and rituals of the rich. Spend three days reprogramming yourself for abundance while coming up with actionable steps and routines to get you there.


This Intimate retreat focuses on aligning you with your higher purpose. This 5 day small group retreat is focused on working out inconsistencies between all the parts of you, aligning your values and reframing your past. It's our most intimate and deepest dive transforming you at your core. 


Speak like a professional. Captivate an audience. If you want to be a more charismatic speaker this event is for you. Hypnotic storytelling, NLP techniques, advanced body language skills mastered through repetition will take your skills and your business to the next level.


Serve is 5 day international mission trip. Find connection and gratitude in selfless service to underprivileged communities while learning energy healing.

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