Hacking NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Learn the code language of the subconscious mind and use it to communicate with anyone and transform yourself and others!  
Learn the NLP Hacks Used by Expert Performers and Influencers 
NLP has never been this digestable and applicable! Use the top mental strategies and hacks used by the best of the best. Get ready to have your mind blown by learning how your mind really works! 
Keep reading to see what is included for $999
Some of the NLP Hacks 
You Will Master...
 Emotional "state" control
 Fast phobia cure
 The 4 phases of learning
 The 2 tasks of NLP
 Calibrating others
 Shift the state of anyone
 Matching and mirroring
 Pacing and Leading
 Eye accessing cues to read people
 Persuade using the "modalities"
 Open loops to capture attention
And many more! 
What is Hacking NLP?
Hacking NLP is about recognizing patterns in the way high performers use their bodies and minds to create the emotions that lead to their success. Hacking NLP is about replicating these patterns and techniques so you can have the same massive success and fulfillment in all areas of your life! 

Hacking NLP is not just another course on language patterns
It is not just a course on psychology
It is not just a course on peak performance
Hacking NLP is a comprehensive course on understanding the real drivers of human behavior. NLP bypasses our failed "conventional wisdom" of psychology and applies the top applicable and repeatable to real world scenarios to create instant and powerful shifts. 

People make decisions with emotions and they justify them with logic. Hacking NLP will teach you how to use simple techniques to create instant and lasting changes in conscious awareness and in subconscious programs with emotional leverage. There are two main factors that affect your ability to perform any task, your emotional state and your subconscious programs. You will learn to master both.

These hacks can be used in business, negotiations, intimate relationships, public speaking, sales meetings, coaching and therapy sessions. You won't believe how versatile and effective these NLP hacks are! 
Who can benefit from  
Hacking NLP ?
Teachers / Instructors
Public Speakers
Anyone that wants to master their emotions and communication!
If all the course did was help you...
 Understand your money and relationship "programs" 
 Use language patterns to persuade people
 Understand the hidden drivers of emotions
 Be congruent: align your words, thoughts and feelings
 Overcome a phobia
 Help you to learn faster by modeling others
 Ramp up your level of "motivation"
 Access powerful states of being
Would it be worth it?
Nicholas Spohn is an NGH Certified Hypnotist, international speaker and emotional health expert. Nicholas' coaching clients include olympic athletes, hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs around the globe.
Money back guarantee: if this course isn't totally unique, mind blowing, life changing and paradigm shifting you can have your money back at ANY TIME!!! That means there is ZERO RISK!!!
10% of course sales goes to the Magnum Opus Project, uplifting the world by bringing personal development content into school and prisons.
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