Hacking Body Language
Learn to use your body to communicate, get people to like you and even shift your own emotions on a dime! 
Master communication and your emotions instantly with your body!
Learn the simple Hacks that will skyrocket your influence, attractiveness, confidence and emotional intelligence
Keep reading to see what is included for $399
Some of the Body Language Hacks 
You Will Master...
 The antenna theory of emotions
 Position yourself in a meeting
 Master masculine and feminine
 How to greet a dominant person
 Build rapport instantly
 The 4 C's of body language
 How to instantly feel confident
 Identify fear, anger and boredom
 Dominate Public Speaking
 Be instantly more passionate
And many more! 
What is Hacking Body Language?
Over 50% of our communication is non verbal. 
Over 50% of our emotions are generated with our body.

 Therefore, what could be more important than learning to use 
your body for communication and emotional control?!

Hacking Body Language is not just another course on body language
It is not just a course on emotional health
It is not just a course on reading people
Hacking Body Language is a comprehensive course on how the body integrates with the mind and effects your psychology and your communication. Your physiology is one of the most important yet overlooked factors contributing to your success or failure in anything! 

This is a course in mastering your psychology and emotions by mastering your body language. It is a course to fast track your understanding of human behavior and human communication. You will never look at interpersonal interactions the same way again! These simple hacks will help you master emotional health and emotional intelligence on a level few experts ever get to!

These hacks can be used in business, negotiations, intimate relationships, public speaking, sales meetings, coaching and therapy sessions. You won't believe how versatile and effective these body language hacks are! 
If all the course did was help you...
 Feel more confident more often
 Identify emotional shifts in others
 Build rapport with anyone anywhere
 Detect dishonesty
 Negotiate one more deal
 Attract the right kind of people to you
 Crush a negotiation or interview
Would it be worth it?
Nicholas Spohn is an NGH Certified Hypnotist, international speaker and emotional health expert. Nicholas' coaching clients include olympic athletes, hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs around the globe.
Money back guarantee: if this course isn't totally unique, mind blowing, life changing and paradigm shifting you can have your money back at ANY TIME!!! That means there is ZERO RISK!!!
10% of course sales goes to the Magnum Opus Project, uplifting the world by bringing personal development content into school and prisons.
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