Influential Language Hacks Vol. 2
Back By Popular Demand! The Course That Teaches You To Be More Persuasive, Influential, And Charismatic In a Few Minutes Per Day! 
Develop better negotiation, communication and interaction skills!
Learn the proven, real life tested hacks that will help you win over anyone in any situation... EVERY TIME!
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What are  Language Hacks?
Language Hacks are short saying or principles that grab hold of a person's neurology and have a profound effect on their state of being, their emotions and ultimately their decisions. It's inevitable! It the way we are wired! 

This is not just another course on persuasion "principles"
It is not just a course on sales 
It is not just a course on communication tips
30 Days of Influential Language Hacks Vol. 2 is a course on mastering the power of language to mold reality around you. That's right, you can change your personal reality and perceptual filters just by understanding the powerful effect of language on the brain. You can (and should!) apply these language hacks in your daily interactions to break the ice, build rapport, create strong emotional bonds and yes even influence people! 

These hacks can be used in new relationships, with old friends and family, public speaking, sales meetings and definitely in coaching and therapy sessions. You won't believe how versatile and effective these hacks are! 
Some of the Language Hacks 
You Will Master...
 Break the ice with any group
 Diffuse any guilt trip
 Get what you want with two options
 Change the state of an angry partner
 Make any task seem easier 
 The original autosuggestion
 The world's greatest open loop
 Assumption that creates agreement
 Build attraction instantly
And many more!
Who can benefit from  
30 Days of Influential Language Hacks Vol. 2 ?
Teachers / Instructors
Public Speakers
Anyone that uses language! 
If all the course did was help you...
Negotiate one extra deal
Speak to yourself with more empowering language
Interrupt negative thought patterns in yourself and others
Build rapport instantly with anyone
Shift focus instantly for yourself and others
Win or avoid arguments consistently
Would it be worth it?
Nicholas Spohn is an NGH Certified Hypnotist, international speaker and emotional health expert. Nicholas' coaching clients include olympic athletes, hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs around the globe.
Money back guarantee: if this course isn't totally unique, mind blowing, life changing and paradigm shifting you can have your money back at ANY TIME!!! That means there is ZERO RISK!!!
10% of course sales goes to the Magnum Opus Project, uplifting the world by bringing personal development content into school and prisons.
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