Nicholas Spohn and Sandra Grace present...
FREE Chakra Clearing Meditation
Tune Into a New Vibrational Frequency in 20 Minutes 
7 days to change your energy, change your vibe, change your life
7 DAYS TO... Train your emotions and vibration into a new frequency!
Every negative thought you think releases a cascade of hormones into your body. These hormones enter through the endocrine glands near your energy centers (chakras). Sometimes the feeling is just a subtle shift, sometimes it hits you like a truck! Over time we develop patterns and the energy either sticks to one vibrational frequency or it gets stuck, stopping the flow of life force energy through you. This effects your "frequency" or vibrational state, your "VIBE".

Here are some of the things that happen when you access a new vibrational state...


Emotional freedom, peace


You attract different people and experiences


Shift in thoughts and perceptions


Relief from chronic negative emotional patters (anxiety, sadness, impatience, guilt, overwhelm etc)


Improved digestion and immune system function

 "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

~Albert Einstein

Are you ready to tune into a new level of consciousness?

About Nicholas Spohn

Hypnotist, Reiki Master, International Speaker and Coach Nicholas Spohn brings a unique philosophy on improving your results in every area of life. Through understanding the integration of mind, body and soul Nicholas will create massive shifts in your understanding, identity, subconscious programs and capabilities. Get ready for one meditation that will change your life.

About Sandra Grace

One of Nicholas' key mentors and coaches through the years, Sandra Grace is a seasoned Reiki Master Teacher, NGH Certified Hypnotist and master of many energy and psychological modalities. She specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and influencers manage their energy to help them create the businesses and relationships they desire.

This Meditation is so POWERFUL because it...


Utilizes hypnosis to accesses the subconscious mind (your control center)


Harnesses the power of NLP modalities to amplify your experience


Subtly embeds masculine and feminine energy for balance


Teaches you the traits of each chakra 


Uses layering of commands and vibrations to bypass your conscious mind


Well... its Nicholas and Sandra, duh!

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