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All great leaders have one thing in common, they can captivate an audience. Learn and practice the skills of powerful communication in this 4 day intensive, small group speaker training. You will walk away a different person. Speak, tell stories, sell, entertain and wow your next audience and every audience you ever speak to. A huge boost of confidence is bound to come with this program.
Resonance Ticket (999)
Discounted Resonance
Hypnosis Foundations
6 days of intensive Hypnosis training. Master the principles of hypnosis that seasoned veterans never learn in this intensive 6 day experiential training. The goal is to build a foundation of language, rapport and confidence to be able to take anyone into a deep and profound trance in just a few minutes. Entertain your friends with demonstrational hypnosis or help people make rapid and dramatic changes in their lives with the power of their subconscious minds.
Hypnosis Transformations
Build on the prerequisite Hypnosis Foundations Event to apply the principles of hypnosis into dynamic situations to create real and lasting change. This is a must for coaches and therapists who want to learn client centered hypnosis and help free their clients, friends and family from unhealthy subconscious programs.
Goal Setting Retreat
Join us at the annual goal setting retreat to set your goals and program them into your subconscious mind. Tap into the resources of this powerful group, as well as your own mind to make this upcoming year the best year of your life.
Align Intensive Retreat
Unlock and release everything holding you back in the 4 day small group deep dive retreat. Be prepared to face and release your demons as we do the deepest work possible. Discover your values, embrace all of your parts and step back into your past to create your new future. You will be shocked by what is lurking in the recesses of your own subconscious mind.
Storytelling 101
Unlock the power of story to program the subconscious mind, and write your own story while you're at it.
Mindset and Influence for Nothing Down Real Estate
Learn how to buy and sell rental properties with no money down using Nicholas's proven method and hypnotic script.
The Power of Language
Join Nicholas Spohn and Katie Carlson as they reveal the principles of hypnotic, creative and powerful language. Your model of the world is revealed in the language you use, here is how it creates your perceptions and reality and how to use it to shift your energy, your world and even the perceptions of others.
The Big Reveal: Unconver Your Subconscious Blocks
Utilize the 7 psychodynamics of a symptom in the BIG Reveal to uncover the root of your subconscious blocks

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