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RESONANCE: the event primer

3 years ago I had a vision for a transformational event.
The outline came to me piece by piece and somehow every piece fit together perfectly like a puzzle.
In 3 weeks Sandra Grace and I and our support team will put together the 3rd RESONANCE event in less than a year. That year has been one of the most challenging in my life. Physical setbacks, business setbacks, my own mental and emotional barriers, the structures of my ego have been crumbling to make way for something bigger.
But no matter how I feel on a daily basis something happens to me at RESONANCE. All the fire, all the passion, all the certainty, all the presence I could ever imagine flows through me. And as I'm preparing for what’s to come I'm starting to feel it. My doubts, my fears, my hesitations subside as I am filled with that vision and purpose. I would love for you to experience what that feels like with us.

RESONANCE: the event primer with Sandra Grace & Nicholas Spohn

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