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The Big Reveal

Uncover subconscious self sabotage with a unique process called the 7 psychodynamics of a symptom. PLUS get the highly acclaimed "Embodiment Meditation" as part of a week long challenge.

2022 Virtual Goal Setting Retreat

Create a compelling vision for your future with Nicholas' unique goal setting process. Carry over your success from 2021, set goals, create a plan and program that vision deep into your subconscious. Learn the steps to create the life you want, create "projects" and "rituals" to ensure the most important things get done and surround yourself with those who are going to propel you to success. It all starts right here.

21 day gut health reset

21 Day Gut Health Reset

This is the challenge that turned my gut health and energy around! Join my dear friends Katie Mae, Sherry Shaban and myself through this 21 day process to reestablish your microbiome, heal damage, become regular with elimination and claim back your energy.

Language Patterns of a Divine Creator

Learn how to use language to manifest what you want in life, influence others and regain control over your own nervous system. The simple, yet never taught principles of language are revealed.

Buy Real Estate With Nothing Down

Learn the EXACT system Nicholas mastered from over 10,000 calls to sellers allowing him to purchase over 80 rental units in under 18 months, with almost no money down. Don't worry you wont have to make 10,000 calls with all these shortcuts. No downpayment? No problem.

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