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Hacking Body Language
Words are only 7% of our communication, if you want to REALLY learn to communicate take this course to master the other 93%!!! This body language course is vastly different from anything you have ever experienced. Learn how to use your body like an antenna to tap into different thoughts and emotions and how to read the thoughts and emotions of others as they are revealed through the language of the body. Learn how to build rapport instantly, read people, take control of your emotions, and master masculine and feminine energy. If you want to make more money, attract a partner or just be more confident click the link below!
Hacking NLP
95% of our actions are generated in our subconscious mind, but we never learn to program it... Until now! Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about learning to speak the code language of your subconscious supercomputer. This often over complicated framework has been hacked for you to utilize in all aspects of every day life. Master the modalities to change your emotions, get control of your "state", wipe away phobias, build rapport and influence anyone. NLP is the foundation of how to create real and lasting change by shifting the programs that run your life! If you are ready to write new subconscious programs in yourself and others, act now! 
The #Spohntrained Influence Package
Learn the hypnotic influencing secrets you weren't supposed to know! Get the total package and best value of all the #Spohntrained secrets of influence. The package includes 30 Day's of Influential Language Hacks volume 1 and 2, Hacking Body Language, Hacking NLP and Universal Feedback Loop Training for one low price! 

30 Days of Influential Language Hacks Vol. 2
The first series of influential language hacks was such a hit I had to duplicate it! Learn how to diffuse any guilt trip, change the emotional state of an angry partner, make a compliment more genuine and use open loops to create positive expectation in someone. Build rapport, create an emotion, and influence anyone: it's that easy with these language hacks. 
Nothing is more exciting than experiencing intense intimate attraction with a romantic partner. Get your detailed step by step guide to create attraction on a sexual, energetic, emotional and spiritual level. Utilizing principles from evolution, energy work, and psychology you will learn to build attraction instantly with a potential partner or reignite the sparks in your long term relationship. Like me, your education was probably lacking in this area, but you don't have to make all the mistakes I've made. Master masculine and feminine polarity, utilize the three components of attraction, and avoid the #1 killer of attraction that we all fall into by ordering now! 
30 Days of Influential Language Hacks
As a hypnotist and "personal development junkie" I discovered the power of language to shift focus and create immediate change in people's lives. These shifts came in the form of what I call "Language Hacks" that are simple phrases, when said with confidence, that shifted results in my clients, the athletes I coached and in every relationship I was in. 
These hacks will allow you to earn more money, have deeper connections, and help the important people in your lives. This is my passion and I believe with my whole heart that ONE CONVERSATION CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If you are here, it is your responsibility to be the light to those around you.  

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