The 9 magic words of negotiation
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  • Use my "Joe Dirt open loop" technique to captivate any audience
  •  Amplify the effect of any compliment 
  •  Effectively break the ice with ANYONE using this pattern
  •  Learn how to use the two most powerful words in the English language
  •  Bypass the conscious mind with this simple Hack
  •  Connect with people where they are by speaking their language
And many more!!!
"The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Ludwig Wittgenstein
As a hypnotist and "personal development junkie" I discovered the power of language to shift focus and create immediate change in people's lives. These shifts came in the form of what I call "Language Hacks" that are simple phrases, when said with confidence, that shifted results in my clients, the athletes I coached and in every relationship I was in. 

I have spent years and countless hours compiling all my most life changing material into this series and I  can't wait to hear from all of you on how these hacks allowed you to earn more money, have deeper connections, and help the important people in your lives. This is my passion and I believe with my whole heart that ONE CONVERSATION CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. If you are here, it is your responsibility to be the light to those around you.  
These simple language patterns are invaluable to coaches of any kind to frame a difficult task, change emotional anchors and shift focus in your clients. Learn how I've used these pattern in my clients ranging from Olympic level athletes to those suffering from anxiety with amazing results. 
Whether its a romantic relationship or a business partnership, relationships can bring the most joy and the most heartache that we experience as humans. Wouldn't you love a few simple strategies to strengthen any relationship and make people feel joy and appreciation when they think of you? You are only one conversation away.
Self Motivation
The way you talk to yourself is even more important than how you talk to others! Learn a few new strategies to guide your focus, overcome obstacles and create momentum in your own life. True influence starts with the ability to influence yourself. Here's how. 
Start Influencing Everyone. Today!!!
Learning and implementing these language hacks will be the favorite part of your day! Broken down into bite size chunks you will be able to apply one language hack per day to immediately change what you say and how you relate to people. Who is this course for? This training is a must for: salespeople, parents, speakers, coaches, therapists, teachers and anyone who wants to increase thier ability to positively influence everyone around them. 
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