The King of Confidence - Marczell Klein

Season 1 Episode 32, September 6th, 2019

How you can improve every area of your life with CONFIDENCE


Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, learn how you can improve every area of your life with CONFIDENCE! In this episode, I spoke with the one and only, King of Confidence, Marczell Klein. After meeting Marczell at yet another Tony Robbins UPW event, you would not believe the amount of confidence this young man carried with him. At just 21 years old, learning from all of the greatest hypnotists to this day, Marczell has gone from being able to hypnotize nobody, to teaching anybody anywhere how to hypnotize in just 3 seconds!

In this episode, we travel everywhere from diminishing fear, insecurity, and anxiety, to how to attract somebody into your life, expand your level of confidence, love yourself, and how to get more comfortable in your typical uncomfortable situations. Marczell even tells us a story about how he spent 8 hours walking around the mall and finally learned the one trick to being able to speak to anybody with confidence and comfortability.

You can find more of this skilled hypnotist on his instagram- Marczell; and his website

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