Susan Shor Fehmi

Season 2 Episode 5, January 26th, 2022

Learning HOW to pay attention can change your life. Learn the open focus techniques to reduce pain, release anxiety and live a more present life in a state of flow.


We've all heard that "where focus goes energy flows", and I've said for years, that what you focus on is what you experience. But thats only partially correct. For years I've been missing a very important piece of the puzzle that I unlock with my podcast guest Susan Shor Fehmi. This is one of the most important podcasts I've ever recorded.

You see, its not just what you focus on, its maybe more importantly HOW you focus, HOW you pay attention that has the biggest affect on your nervous system, health and perception of life.

Listen to Susan Shor Fehmi, the Director the Princeton Biofeedback Center teach you how to navigate through different styles of HOW you pay attention. Through learning how to open your focus while immersing into a feeling or experience you will learn to have dramatic changes in the following ways

-Reduce physical and emotional pain

-Access alpha brainwaves to boost creativity

-Learn to bring on more parts of your brain immediately

-Reduce or eliminate stress from your body

-Utilize open focus training to access states of flow

I was exposed to her late Husband, Dr. Les Fehmi's, work after attending a Joe Dispenza retreat and I quickly realized the massive impact his work on Joe's meditations and content. Dr. Les Fehmi was a pioneer in brain wave states and biofeedback training. This work has implications for meditation, spirituality, creativity, physical and mental health and it impacts literally every area of your life!

Are you ready to finally learn how to pay attention?

Change your focus. Change your life.

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